About this survey

The Developer Economics Q3 2017 survey is the 13th developer survey by research firm VisionMobile. This is an independent survey, aimed at measuring the pulse of the developer community. This survey tracks all the latest trends on development, across tools, platforms, developer skills, monetisation, salaries,training, career development - and much more!

Developer Economics is the largest developer research program, reaching and engaging thousands of developers of all shapes and sizes across the globe. Our vision: help developers make better business decisions.

Our Developer Economics surveys reach over 40,000 developers per year across 150+ countries. We explore trends across all types of developers, from hobbyists to enterprise, and across different types of development: mobile, IoT, desktop, cloud, web, AR/VR, gaming and machine learning.

Our surveys are supported by the entire developer community: from the largest Internet and software companies to the smallest local Meetups. We partner with these organisations, big and small, to make sure we have a representative sample across all types of developers and deliver something valuable back to the community.